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All repairs are conducted using original factory-supplied parts and follow manufacturer-specified guidelines, ensuring complete originality, form, function, and performance of your vehicle. This also maintains compliance and ensures the continued effectiveness of your manufacturer vehicle warranty. We offer comprehensive service for Ferrari vehicles, ranging from routine maintenance and service to complete overhaul and restoration of some of the finest vehicles to ever come out of Maranello. Our passion for these vehicles is unmatched, and our commitment to maintaining originality is unparalleled.

Routine Service
Our routine service includes annual services featuring complete fluid exchanges, engine oil and filter replacement, spark plug oil leak replacement, wheel and tire replacement, shock absorber replacement, suspension control arm bushing, fan block replacement and repair, bolt joint replacement and repair, tie rod replacement and repair, and steering rack rebuild and repair. Major services encompass regularly scheduled major services and overhauls, including timing belt replacement, cam cover gasket, spark plug tub seal, valve cover gasket, spark plug replacement, and serpentine belt replacement.

AltSpecialty Repairs
We've developed specialty repairs designed to maintain the original form and function while saving our clients significant sums of money. We're one of the few facilities worldwide capable of overhauling the 7-speed dual-clutch transmissions present in Ferraris from 2011 to the current day. These transmissions are known for issues with speed sensors, requiring transmission speed sensor replacement, transmission harness replacement, shift paddle repair, transmission computer repair, complete clutch replacement, and complete transmission hydraulic overhaul, rebuild, and repair. While Ferrari only offers full transmission replacements, we provide actual repairs using all factory parts, supplied by the original transmission manufacturer. We address a known defect in fantastically shifting transmissions for a fraction of the cost of complete transmission replacement, all backed by our 2-year, 24,000-mile unlimited warranty. We also perform instrument cluster repair and replacement, full aggressive pre-purchase and post-purchase inspections, and F1 transmission clutch repair and replacement in Ferrari California, 488, and F8 Tributo gear shift repairs. Our approach involves only replacing the defective component, maintaining the originality and integrity of the car, restoring original performance and function, and saving up to $5000 over the factory repair. This is often done in significantly less time, as we have these parts in stock and do not require a VIN coding replacement that must be shipped from Maranello.

Shock Absorber Rebuilding
We offer shock absorber rebuilding for all modern Ferrari models, potentially saving an excess of $20,000 when replacing multiple shock absorbers due to leaks. These are rebuilt using the original manufacturer seals and gaskets (either Öhlins or Sachs) and offer identical form and function to rebuilt units, all while maintaining factory originality and saving significant sums of money. Manufacturers and their dealer representatives often prefer to replace entire components, even for small issues. We are dedicated to providing specialty services that involve actually repairing defects without replacing entire components, preserving the originality of the vehicles. We are committed to in-depth repair and restoration work to return your vehicle to its factory-new specifications. Good mechanics are hard to find, and we are willing to undertake challenging repairs to ensure your vehicle's optimal condition.

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flag-2The History of Ferrari

Ferrari S.p.A is an Italian luxury sportswear manufactured in Maranello, Italy. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 Ferrari road cars are known for being one of the most celebrated luxury car brands ever made and is an Italian symbol of wealth and prestige. The recognizable symbol of the “Cavallino Rampante” or black prancing stallion on a yellow shield is known throughout the world. With superb handling, road grip and impressive power and acceleration, Ferrari is the the world’s most desired sports car… with only 7,000 cars produced annually.


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